Winter Wonderland Interior

Creating a Winter Wonderland inside and outside your house for the holiday season is easier than you think. With the recent winter weather we were inspired to find items that you can add to your home to up your winter wonderland interior design game.  Making a Christmas theme will look beautiful in your yard, regardless if you live in an area that gets snow during the holidays or if you live in a dry and warm location.  It is easy with a few different items. Follow our ideas below to turn your own home into a winter wonderland.



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To begin your Winter Wonderland you’ll want to start from the outside and then go in.  Outdoor decor during the holiday season can be just as important as the indoors.  So make sure to get several packs of white LED Christmas lights,  larger outdoor Christmas decorations for your bushes and landscapes, and don’t forget the wreaths for your windows.



Outdoors Inside

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The best accents for a winter wonderland come from you own back yard! Head out to collect pine cones, evergreen branches, and twigs to add to your holiday theme. Pine cones hung from a wire hanger and decorated with festive ribbon will really make a winter wonderland come to life.



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If you’re on Instagram, you might see lots of flocked Christmas trees and garland this year. What is flocking you might ask?  It is spraying down small trees with a mixture of adhesive and cellulose fibers to satisfy our longing for a white Christmas.


Little Touches


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There is nothing more I can appreciate than the little touches in a home that make a true winter wonderland.  Adding white linens to your holiday table decor will make your winter wonderland come together.



Winter White

Adding winter white to your home decor will finish your winter wonderland off! The labor day law against the color white is off limits when it comes to your home interior durning the holiday season.

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