What Every Guest Room Needs

It’s almost fall y’all!! For many that means PSL, football season, and back to school shopping! For me it means, guests are coming to visit! Tis the season for my family to visit to see the kids and help us all transition from summer to a new school year as well the new hockey season. So it is a perfect time to take stock of my guest room and make sure the guests will have everything they need during their stay.

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There are a few simple items and details that can go a long way to making family and friends feel at home or even like they’re on vacation while they’re staying with you. So take note and get ready for our key items when preparing for guests.

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Full length mirror

Alarm clock

Extra blankets

Charge station

Stack of clean towels and toiletries

We hope our recommendations of these easy-to-do touches will help elevate your guest bedroom to a happy place for them to visit.  Making everyone’s stay easier and much more enjoyable.

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