Alexis Riddick

I’m Alexis! I blog about our Vishion’s color of the week and a few of my own favorite colorful things here and there.

I have an obsession with lemons, literature, and all things NC State (#GoPack!). I have dreams of traveling the world and taking beautiful pictures along the way.

I’ve always loved writing about fashion and beauty and writing for Vishion gives me the perfect opportunity to do what I love!


Sam Smith

I’m Sam! I’m the founder and CEO of Vishion, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based startup that finds and suggests products based on color.

I enjoy writing about the startup life, especially what it’s like behind the scenes at Vishion.

While my favorite thing in the world is chilling with my husband, I love a cheap glass of wine, watching the Redskins win and initiatives that support lady and minority entrepreneurs.


Kayce Hunt

Hi y’all, I’m Kayce!  I am CFO and Head of Vishionary for Vishion, a startup based out of Charlotte, NC that finds and suggests clothing and home décor based on color.

I am a self-proclaimed nerd and numbers person, but I have always been inspired by color.  I will be writing on my favorite bright hues in fashion and home décor, as well as podcasting on Vishion.

Pita chips, brie and wine are some of the things I don’t ever want to live without.  I am also an avid fitness enthusiast and outdoors-lady.


Emily Fee

I’m Emily Fee. I blog about my daily inspirations in the beauty I see in the people, places and objects all around me.

I believe in creating an attainably stylish lifestyle that is full of joy no matter where you are in your stage of life, and I’m here to hopefully inspire you by documenting my creative adventures in fashion, lifestyle, beauty and motherhood along the way.

My favorite things in life are the beach, hats, a glass of wine, french fries and aviators.

About Vishion & Vishionary

Vishion is an exciting startup that assists shoppers by helping them find and learn about new products through color search and suggestion. We use Vishionary to connect with fashionistas of the Carolinas, giving a first look at mobile application, the looks you can achieve and the local shops that will be featured.