Vishion + Pantone Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Classics

On the forefront of color forecasting is Pantone.  Their Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 colors are some of my absolute favorites.  I have used the Vishion App to find decor in each of these classic colors.

Image Credit: Pantone


Vanilla Custard

Vanilla Custard reminds me of the dream of going to Culver’s growing up.  But when it comes to decor, this color is so versatile and is a great base color.  Below are some of my picks for base items to build a room around.

Evening Blue

Evening blue is the perfect all around color.  You can do larger base items for your room in this color, but you can also use it as a strong accent color.  Below are some of my favorites the Vishion app found in a dark blue hue.


Paloma is a light grey dream and a true classic.  I am choosing to use this color only as accessories to the room, yet we all know this color can stand on its own.




One of my favorite foods is the last classic featured color.  It may not be Cinco de Mayo yet, but I don’t ever need a reason to love guac.  Below are my picks of accents in this beautiful classic.


I hope you loved all of these beautiful classics brought to you by Pantone and the Vishion App.  Let us know your favorites.

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