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With the holiday season comes decorations from the years past.  With those decorations tends to come a mix of color schemes, hand-me downs from family members that have completely different taste than you, and trends that might have long since past.  Making it hard for your holiday decor to match your current home decor.  It can give you the urge to freshen things up a bit around your home so not everything looks dated.  And running out to get more holiday-themed tchotchke isn’t the best way to invest in your home decor.  This is where we come in.

Our mission

Here at Vishion, we strive in creating an app that will help shoppers like yourself, find and learn about new products through color search and suggestion. Vishion is the only mobile app that uses a product’s true color data, fashion trends and user preferences to help shoppers find the ideal decor.  That way you don’t have to waste time or money on decor or paint colors that will cause confusion or frustration.


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So with the holiday season, our app can help you freshen up your current home decor or even take what you have (like holiday decor) and pull it all together. Check out our suggestions below to have a fresh and visually appealing Holiday season.


Fresh Coat of Paint




Add a fresh coat of Sherwin William’s Functional Gray to freshen up any room in your house.  This neutral color can create a calming, elegant or even electrifying effect, making it the perfect option for any color and will go with any holiday color scheme and cozy up the walls.


Below are holiday suggestions to go with Functional Grey Paint

Complimentary colors outside the box

With our app we will suggest complimentary colors to go with your current decor.  Vishion will find complements to your blue and white/green and red/or gold and silver holiday decor. Just a few compliments would be, Kelly Green + Baby Blue + White, and Violet + Brown + Bronze + White.   Add these new and bold color choices to freshen up your current holiday decor.


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Check out our picks for holiday decorations that think outside the color combinations box

Add a little here and there

If you still find the need to go out and buy new holiday decor, you can search across the most popular brands right on your phone.  We also recommend matching items from different stores so you won’t have to spend hours shopping from store to store.  So if you have a specific color and item you are searching for we’ll be able to help you throughout the holiday season!

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I think this would be the perfect modern Santa Chair.

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