Trends to watch: Lemons

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Lemon everything

Yellow is one of 2018 trending colors. What better way to use yellow in your interior design than with lemons! It’s summer and that means poolside drinks, bonfires and lemonade. The color yellow feels joyful and we could use a bit more of that in the world right now! It also happens to lend itself to one of my favorite decorating motifs. Lemons are an easy way to refresh any interior space.  The lemon decorating motifs with lemons is popping up everywhere!

Colette in her favorite Lemon dress

Nine in a bowl

Whether you’re putting nine in a bowl for good karma or putting lemons on your wallpaper, lemons are this year’s trend to watch. Yellow/gold is my favorite color to accent with when it comes to interior design. It’s such a warm and happy color and brightens any room in the house.  I personally love adding lemons to the kitchen table to accent my white and gold theme.  It adds a natural and warm tone to the room.

How to incorporate it into you design

However you want to include lemons into your daily color inspiration, below are a few ideas as to how to incorporate lemons into your interior design.

I love the look of lemon pattern in homes! This trend is so fun when it’s done in the most discrete way.  However you want to do it have fun with it and be sure to tag us in your designs inspirations. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out on any color or design inspiration.

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