Transition Style: Summer to Fall

August is almost over and you know what that means! Fall is upon us! But before we get to the fully chilly weather, there will definitely be some days where it’s cold in the morning and blazing by noon.

I’ve put together 3 of my favorite transition styles from Instagram to take you from summer to fall.

I used the Vishion application to help me recreate these transition looks.


Look #1


This look stuck out to me because of the color scheme. I would never think of putting these colors together, but wow are they stunning together. The leather skirt and sandals are the perfect way to dress up a plain t-shirt. You can choose a long sleeve or a short sleeve top depending on the weather. If it’s cold you can wear a cardigan, and on warms days, short sleeves and the short skirt are enough to keep you cool, and the colors are complimentary for both fall and summer!


Look #2


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I am in love with this handbag. It’s so cute and unique. And this pink cardigan screams comfy sweater weather. Paired with a light and airy lacy camisole, a cardigan is breathable and practical in the upcoming weather. Shorts are a great way to ensure you’ll stay cool if it gets too warm and you can always trade them out for a cute pair of distressed jeans when it gets cooler at night!

Look #3


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First off I would like to say how much I love this Insta video. There will definitely be more fashion posts on how to wear one article of clothing multiple ways coming soon. This video was so inspiring style wise. It made me feel like making this outfit is so easy and effortless. Throwing a sweater over a long dress or t-shirt or short skirt is much cuter than I would have expected it to be! I would love to wear this look with a pair of cute slide-ons or Adidas to make it more casual.

Let us know which transition outfit is your favorite in the comments section!

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