Top Ten Ways to Master a Plantation Style Interior Design

With goregous porches, larger than life gardens and vibrant colors, Southern plantation-style homes in Charleston, S.C.  have a lot to offer.   I was able to experience this first hand with a quick three hour road trip to visit this historic city.  Charleston is such a charming coastal city with interior design inspiration at almost every corner.


While we were touring the streets of King, and driving along the beaches we decided to take a quick stop to one of America’s mot historic plantations, Magnolia Plantation.  It has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior (pretty amazing).  The entire Plantation was filled with beautiful gardens, envious porch layouts, and statues that I was dying to pull inspiration from.


Whether you are renovating your home or simply feel inspired by classic Southern style, this guide will be your go to southern charm home interior inspiration guide. These top ten picks include paint colors, lighting, cabinetry and more to make your interior design decisions easy, so you can spend more time relaxing with a big glass of sweet tea.


Southern Style Porch Colors

Nothing screams southern like a southern style porch. To ensure that your porch is just a relaxing as it’s meant to be add some cool tones to the celing, fans, and even the swings on it!

Blue Green Accents

Speaking of southern porches, the traditional southern porches were always colored blue-green to ward off any evil spirits.  This tradition has remained popular in southern decor and stays true to the effortless southern charm. Adding blue green accents to your decor and porch will help the home stay mellow and comfortable in hot weather.


Charelston homes are known for their shutter color.  It’s called Historic Charleston Green.  It is the classic color for shutters.


Drape white mosquito netting or a light-colored sheer fabric around a four-poster bed or hang it from the ceiling over the bed.  This will give a very classic yet romantic southern charm to your bedroom.

Framed Garden

Hang framed wall art depicting palm trees, beaches, ocean scenes, tropical flowers, fish or birds.

Vintage Curtains

Antiqued curtains in a light silk or cotton material allow natural light to enter while giving you the privacy you need.  If you want to create an even more antique look to white cotton curtains you may own,  soak them in a solution of coffee, tea and vinegar.

Dark Wood

Dark, tropical wood such as Mahogany, teak, rattan and ebony give plantation-style furniture a rich and sophisticated look.


My kids LOVED looking at the encased ships.  You can add a rustic element with reproduction British colonial antiques like antique ship models!

Mix fabrics

When we were touring the plantation homes we saw a ton of mix fabrics in almost every room! It really gave the space depth and I am tempted to try it out in my own bedroom.

Gallery Wall

Giving your historic family tree or even family pictures their own gallery wall in your home will really make it feel historic!

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