Dusty Rose’s Top Ten Accent Colors

Dusty rose is a very sophisticated rose-inspired color. It may remind you of the 1980’s but it is definitely making a strong comeback!  Since it is such a calming color, there are lots of different accent colors that you can uses to complement dusty rose in any room of your house.

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Warm neutrals give dusty rose a very bohemian look and tend to bring out the softer side of Dusty Rose.


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Dusty rose looks very inviting when it is paired with bold black accent pieces.  They truly  help the dusty rose color bloom.

Deep Green

Mixing green against the blush rose gives the room a lush feeling and truly brings out the  brighter side of the blush rose.


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Yes! Mixing a lighter color of pink with the deeper dusty rose helps bring out the lighter side of this sophisticated color.

Dark Blues

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Dusty rose can have an edge and not always be so feminine.  Adding dark blues paired with dusty rose gives a very masculine feel.

Off white

Off white can bring out the airiness of dusty rose. With its all-around subdued color palette, white and dusty rose together make you want to sit back and relax in any room.


Dusty rose looks right at home with purple. You can even mix different tons of purple with a dusty rose-colored room, tying the space together.


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Dusty Rose really pops against gold colored accents. With these two rich colors complimenting each other, any room feel decadent.

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