Wine Tasting Party: Top Ten

My whole family recently took a road trip to a vineyards just outside of Nashville, TN.  The vineyard was just stunning! The adults enjoyed a wine tasting paired with local cheese while the kids enjoyed bubbles, live music, and sidewalk chalk. It turned out to be such a fun night that got me thinking: why don’t I host a vineyard themed party myself?!

Vineyards are so beautiful and sophisticated yet simple enough so that it’s easy enough for you to host your own wine tasting party.  Besides the wine and the knowledge (aka the back of the bottle description) there are a only few items that you must have to make sure your wine tasting is THE wine tasting party!

Cocktail Napkins

Cocktail napkins are one of the best way to add flair to your wine party.  Be adventurous and choose bold cocktail napkins that will start a conversation.

Cheese Board

Don’t buy an enormous party-sized cheese board.  Find one that’s medium-sized (about 12-inches in length).  You want to make the cheese stand out not the board.

Cheese Knives

There are so many different kinds of cheese knives, it can be difficult to choose.  Stay clear from ones with fancy handles.  Make sure to prioritize practicality (like being dishwasher-safe) over frills.

Serving Dishes

Use a mix and match of different dishes so guests can easily identify their own plate, especially after tasting their fourth or fifth wine.


Trays are great for bringing all the above items into one location or even keeping things organized for your guests to help themselves.

Red Wine Glasses

I would keep the wine glasses consistent but you can make it a little more fun with throwing in a stemless glass here or there.

White Wine Glasses

White wine glasses, again, should stay consistent but short stem or stemless add a nice little touch.

Coupe Glasses

Coupes are so beautiful and they make anything inside them feel special. So even if you have guests that don’t drink, their sparkling water will make them feel apart of the party.

Note Pad

Allowing the guests to write down notes about which wines they liked best and what flavors they tasted in each is such a fun way to engage your guests at the party.


Adding this little touch as a gift for your guests will having them marking their calendars for your next party!

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