Top Ten Modern Souvenirs to Bring Home from Spring Break

You never want to be the person who brings back tchotchke gifts from a vacation. We want to be the person that brings home the best souvenirs and gifts from travels that will bring back warm memories whenever you look at it.


When we were visiting Texas for the first time, I wanted something that I could use and fit my current style without screaming “I went to Texas and all I got was this t-shirt”. I fell in love with the local artisan jewelry and bought this necklace that I either wear as a statement necklace or place on my coffee table as a statement piece.

Forget snow globes and logo t-shirts, I’ve put together a list of souvenirs that you can work right into your existing home decor yet bring you back to sandy beaches or mountain views.

Serving Tray

Tea Time



Upcycled Artist



Local Photography

Tchotchke (but cool)


Tea Towels

Any of these souvieners would make an amazing gift or addition to your house.  So on your next trip bring this list along with you incase you find yourself in a gift shop.  And don’t forget to

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