Top Ten Pink Trends to Aide Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October’s color palette is not just black and orange.  To me and my family October is filled with hints of pink as well. October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are so many women, men, and families affected by breast cancer, and we get one month to dedicate time towards bringing awareness to it.   Pink ribbons tend to adore neighborhood lights, company fountains, and city landmarks.


This campaign aims to bring awareness to the disease and to honor those who have lost their lives to and those who are currently fighting Breast Cancer. The Breast Cancer Awareness campaign hopes to give strength, courage, and hope.   Breast Cancer Awareness month also encourages women to get their yearly mammogram and acts as a reminder to live a healthy lifestyle.


Pink is such a powerful color, especially when it comes in the form of the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s ribbon designs. There are lots of other ways to bring the color elsewhere to support of Breast Cancer Awareness. So, I’ve put together my top ten to incorporporate a  perfectly pink color palette throughout your space.  Accessories or a space that is decked out in pink from floor to ceiling is a perfect way of showing support for breast cancer awareness and prevention.

Pink Chairs


Pink cosmetics

Pink art

Pink stationary

Pink Throws

Pink carpets

Pink accents

Pink mats

Pink pillows

Pink mugs

Let us know your favorite pink items in the comments below!

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