Top Ten Organization Tips

When your house is organized the possibilities are endless. There is more time to do housework, morning routines go smoothly, and finding your child’s missing sock isn’t such a hassle.  For me, that’s easier said than done.  I am a bit of a creative and like to call my work space an organized mess, as in I know where everything is even though it’s in a pile.

Matlin working her magic on my closet one piece at a time.

I realized it was getting really bad when my organized mess started to spill into my bedside table and even my closet.  So I turned to Charlotte’s professional organizer for some help.

Minimized Closet is a professional organizing brand based in Charlotte, N.C. Matlin, founder and lead organizer, specializes in decluttering, reselling, organizing, and styling any space in your house! Her and her team will help you find the perfect blend of function and beauty in your space.

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I learned so much from session with Matlin, I couldn’t believe how beautiful my closet looked when we were finished with it! I could actually see the floor! I learned so much and I wanted to share with you the top ten organization tips and tools I learned to keep your closet organized!


Seasonal bins are perfect for taking clothing that you will only wear during the cooler seasons or specific holidays. Choose bins that are asthetically pleasing to your current closet.

2. Label

Make sure to label those storage bins so that you know where everything is.

3. Categorize

Make sure to categorize the storage with like things.  This way it’ll be easier to access what you’ll need later.

4. Fold

Matlin introduced me to the Kon Mari fold.  Do yourself a favor and learn it! Your storage will thank you for it.

5. Color Code

Color code everything! Every.single.thing so that it’s easy for your eyes to follow the flow of the clothing.

6. Calendar

Make sure to keep yourself accountable and do a check-in at least every two months.

7. Laundry Bins

If you keep laundry bins in your closet it’s best to have two different hampers but keep them aesthetically pleasing as well.

8. Basket

Baskets can hold anything! Sweaters, clutches, even ugly Christmas sweaters. Just remember to keep them labeled and organized!

9. Shelf Supplies

Shelf dividers will help organize your clothing and prevent them from falling.

10. Hang Jewelry

I have way too much jewelry so Matlin thought it would be best to display my jewelry with the Container store displays.  It’s like I’m going shopping in my closet every morning!

Here are my top organization items that will help you start your organization journey.

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