Top Ten Hamptons Inspired Looks

Wesley and I playing around pool side on a very chic yet functional beanbag

The Hamptons is well known around the world. Last week my little family took a trip to the Hamptons.  You might ask yourself why celebrities and millionaires head to the Hamptons every summer. We found it to filled with beautifully manicured beaches, lush landscapes, and to die for real estate.  So it truly is the place to get away from it all and enjoy a quite beach vacation. We actually had a few celebrity spotting while in Downtown East Hampton, but the celebrities were flying under the radar.  No one bothered them or even looked twice at them (other than myself).

Club Monaco East Hampton Location

I go to the Hamptons for visual therapy and the lobster rolls.  The store displays, the ocean, the restaurants, and of course the houses all give me a sense of peace for some reason.  Everything is so aesthetically pleasing. I am always inspired whenever I come back from the Hamptons.  So I’ve put together my top ten Hampton inspired items for your home and you below!

East Hampton Main Beach


The bar

The coffee table

The guest room

The foyer 


The party 

The meals

The gallery

The library

The beach

The Hamptons has lots of colorful inspiration.  I hope I was able to inspire you, and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss my next top ten list!

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