Top Ten Essentials for a Designer Dorm Room

The beginning of the new school year can be so exciting. Sure dorm rooms are small, but with big designs and the right items your dorm room will seem like a New York City loft! Times have changed since I attended college, but I remember the exciting feeling of getting to decorate a blank slate!  There are tons of lists online that tell you everything you’re going to need, but they don’t give you the best decor options. I’ve put together some my favorite items that will make any dorm room the most gorgeous dorm room and it might just get rid of those home sick jitters.

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Bar cart

These bar carts will keep your ramen noodles and cups easily accessible and organized.

Washi Tape

You can decorate your refrigerator or walls with this easily removable and so cute necessity.

Desk & Vanity


Extra lighting in any small space will brighten up your desk or your room for any late-night study sessions.


With a desk mirror your work space instantly transforms to a vanity!


Bins, hampers, and shelves

To keep things organized and in order it’s best to create more space with with over the bed storage or closet organizers.


Trays keep items sorted and easily accessible, especially if you’ve pulled an all nighter.



You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a personalized bed setup that’s chic and comfy.


They’ll add style to your bed and double as on-the-floor seating.


Bulletin Board

You’ll be able to post  photos from home, add deadlines and exam dates all while accessories with cute thumb tacks with bulletin boards.


Add an inexpensive rug to keep your toes toasty or you can use it as a yoga to destress!

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