Top Ten Color Combinations

Interior designers work with color every single day and playing with color is what Vishion was made for. So I decided to scour Instagram for my favorite color combinations. And these aren’t your regular color combinations. Of course every color matches white, we already know that. These are combinations that involve 2 or more beautiful colors.


1. Blue & Orange

In honor of our orange color of the week, our first killer color combo features a beautiful orange. This is the perfect way to incorporate orange without it being too overbearing.


2. Blue & Blush

This is a color combination for people who are new to color and want to test the waters. The blush is a light enough color that it doesn’t steal the attention from those beautiful sapphire pillows and decor.


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3. Pink & Plum

I love color combinations like this. Variations of the same color family are always a go-to. And the gold pillows separating the colors gives the room an extra bit of elegance.


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4. Yellow & Blue:

The Pastels

I love bohemian style rooms like this. They always look so care-free and effortless. With both the blue and yellow being pastels, the colors don’t clash on the wall or with the decor.


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5. Yellow & Maroon

This color combo works because they’re opposites. The maroon works with the black to darken the room, make it a little moody. The armchair is the perfect amount of yellow to brighten the room.

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6. Cerulean & Blush

Complete Little Mermaid vibes from this design. And maybe it was the kid in me that was so attracted to this design. It was like my childhood grew up into this cool living room that is only fit for a rockstar.


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7. Orange & Brown:

The Neutrals

Brown is a great way to add color instead of using white! Orange is one of my favorite colors to pair with brown to get that neutral palette. Everything looks like it goes together without even trying.


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8. Deep Green & Yellow

I was shocked when I saw this. I never think of green and yellow going together because my mind immediately goes to lemon and lime, but I love these shades together.


9. Yellow & Coral

If you’re really serious about using color in your next room design, I totally suggest looking through Sophie Robinson’s Instagram. It’s full of color and life and beautiful rooms like this one.

10. Purple & Orange

And we’ll end our Top Ten with another orange post, this time with purple. I love that every shade is a little different which adds to how great these colors look together.


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Why Only Choose A Few?

Who doesn’t love a little extra color in their lives? If it’s done right, then a rainbow palette can really make a room!

Pulling together colors and textures from multiple sources is an art. Vishion is tool that helps everyone from interior designers to new home owners discover the colors they can see in their minds, but struggle to find. To search for decor by exact color this fall, get on the Vishion waiting list!


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