Kitchen Design Trends

Instagram is oversaturated with new and upcoming design trends. I picked my top 5 kitchen trends to help you create the design of a lifetime!

I used the Vishion Application to help me suggest decor that would go great in the kitchen!


1. Linear Hardware


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The modern look is in for interior design. One way to make your kitchen look more modern is using linear hardware called bars for your cabinets. It can make your kitchen look chic and sleek. Bars come in all shapes, sizes, and colors for whatever your heart desires. My favorite style is thin golden bars against navy blue, black, or white cabinets!

2. Funky Light Fixtures


Having a fun light fixture is an easy way to make your kitchen the talk of the town. No matter whether your design style is modern or bohemian or rustic there’s a light fixture for you. I love the fixtures made of rope like the bottom one from Serena and Lily and the ones with geometric shapes like the top one from Anthropologie.

3. Dark Paint, Light Countertop


This style is exactly what my dream kitchen looks like. The dark contrasted with the light makes the kitchen look modern and stylish. The light countertops make the kitchen feel more open and I know we all wish we had a bigger kitchen. With both sides of the color spectrum, it’s not so dark that it looks dreary and sad and it’s not so overpoweringly light.

4. In With the Wallpaper, Out With Tile


I know it seems weird, but once you think about it, it’s not different than putting wallpaper in any other room. It’s something that not a lot of people think of. When you think of a kitchen you think of a tile backsplash. But I’m challenging you to imagine a beautifully printed wallpaper like the picture above. I would love to see more of this incorporated into kitchens!

5. Colorful Chairs



Of course we all love the new styles of kitchens being neutral and toned-down colors. Whites, navy blues, browns, and blacks are all over the kitchen designs now. This is the perfect backdrop to add color to your kitchen! Colorful bar stools look great against neutrals and can make any kitchen more fun and inviting!


Let us know which kitchen trend you can’t wait to try in the comments section!

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