Tips For The Perfect Bar Cart

Bar carts began in the Great Gatsby area.  When prohibition was lifted people were able to host cocktail parties in their homes again! And they are making a major come back, for good reason. They are perfect for entertaining, adding a unique feature to your dinning room, or even adding a focal point to a bedroom.

Bar carts can make a room feel more high class and interesting. They’re not just for cocktails, they are perfect for showcasing your personality and personal style! Below you can find the perfect bar carts to add to any home and find the accessories for making it versatile and inviting for cocktails.


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A modern bar cart adds a fresh, minimalist look that you will love. But there are so many different styles of bar carts, below you might find the one that fits your style!


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Glassware will help your guest determine which kind of drink will fit their mood (or style).  Choose glassware that adds color and style to your bar cart.


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To help keep things organized it’s best to find a tray for you bar cart.  They’re also helpful when you want to take your perfectly mixed cocktails from the bar to the table.


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Adding accessories to a your cart helps make it more a part of your everyday decor.  It can also transform  into a coffee bar cart or even dessert bar.

Cocktail Shaker

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Cocktail shakers are a must.  Even if you don’t plan on using it, it truly pulls the look all together.

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