The Perfect Match: I Like You Berry Much

The epitome of Sunday Funday — colorful beverages at 204 North Kitchen & Cocktails in a blue-skied, Uptown Charlotte. I sip on a highly saturated, red drink composed of a delicious blend of ingredients. Vodka or gin mixed with tonic along with a splash of berry juice and/or sparkling water is my go-to. It is like the bartender read my mind without even meeting me. The surprise cocktail is made especially to compliment my outfit of the day and citrus-free due to my inconvenient allergy. My new favorite — a cran-gin spritzer. Scroll down for the recipe. You’re welcome!

This light and refreshing booze-y glass mentally transported me to an exotic, waterfront getaway then to a sunset viewing in a European city. Pretty powerful drink, huh? A beverage slightly on the sweeter side, but not at all overwhelming. Girly, flirty, and fruity. Each taste as yummy as the last.

Red is romance. Pain. Passion. Lust. Fire. Love. A color swirling with emotion that I believer is fitting to my personality, but took me awhile to warm up to wearing. You can read about my bold, red lip hesitation here. Nowadays, it is a pigment I often find myself drinking and proudly wearing.

I decided to go for a more casual look on Sunday. My Brandy Melville Paris t-shirt was a necessary purchase, considering my everlasting admiration for the city. A variety of Lady in Red pieces are shown below that would all pair well with my spritzer.

This was my first 204 North experience. I tend to visit this area after nightfall, tipsy. The daylight and soberness combination makes me realize I have passed by the establishment multiple times. I was missing out and I will be back.

The dark chocolate, leather booths provide a comfortable lounging space for socializing. The wooden floors meet brick walls, setting the scene for a dreamy date night or hanging with a group of good company. This overall atmosphere checked off the what-I-look-for-in-a-bar boxes on the list in my head. I received friendly and helpful service and felt the charm as soon as I stepped through the door.

Cran-Gin Spritzer Recipe

  • Gin
  • Soda Water
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Aperol
  • Simple Syrup

I highly recommend you head to 204 North on North Tryon St. and order my complimentary cocktail — or at least a version of it. The drink is delectable to the last rose-colored drop.

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