The Perfect Match: Loving the Monday Blues

204 North Kitchen & Cocktails | Blue Dress | Jewelry

Happy Monday Vishionaries!  Yeah yeah yeah, the weekend is over and it is Monday again, but I am here to present you with a fun way to actually enjoy the Monday Blues.  Blue has always been one of my favorite colors, and this perfect match is a match made in heaven for me.  Your Vishionary team has collaborated with 204 North Kitchen & Cocktails to bring you some amazing Craft Cocktails matched to our favorite outfits.

204 North Kitchen & Cocktails

204 North is located in the heart of uptown at North Tryon in Charlotte.  The exposed brick and beauty of this restaurant makes it feel rustic yet warm.  I was there at Brunch o’clock yesterday to enjoy my cocktail, and the Brunch Menu looks delicious as well.  I have enjoyed 204 North’s Macaroni & Cheese & Charcuterie & Cheese (Wisconsin girl here lol…who also loves wine).  These were both amazing, and I have always loved the drinks I have had there, including wine (Willamette Valley Pinot Noirs for the win).

The beverage I enjoyed will be sure to make you love the Monday Blues.  This was a blue daiquiri with white rum, lime, and simple syrup.  It is not on the menu, which is why I included the ingredients.  This was so delicious, and I would highly recommend you ask for it!

Perfect Match Blue Dress

The dress that inspired this beautiful blue beverage is from Firefly boutique.  This local charlotte boutique has so many cute outfits to offer, and at a great price.  The blue dress featured here was only $64!  Talk about style at the right price!  They don’t currently sell on their website, but hope to be doing that soon.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram and shop through there!


The necklace and earrings I am wearing are both from J.Crew.  Below are a few other options that are a reflection of my these Vishionary Faves:


Take a visit to both 204 North Kitchen & Cocktails and Firefly Boutique, as both these places represent the amazing local scene here in the Queen City.

We are Color Rediscovered.

-The Brains of Vishionary

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