The Books That Bind Us


I spend my work days surrounded by books. Shelves of stories compiled of various thicknesses, filled with facts and strangers’ thoughts. Some printed true, while others delve into complete and utter fantasy. Once in awhile, I leave my assigned seat in front of a Dell desktop to peruse the stacks without a destination in mind. People tend to assume that because I work at a library, I am an avid reader. I am constantly referred to as a “librarian” even though our job descriptions hardly match up. As a visual person, I am drawn to bound publications. I can easily spend hours in a book store, simply admiring covers and skimming summaries. With words inside being printed in black and white, a book’s outside cover of color pulls me in. Books are written with the intention of being shared, to connect people. To compose a narrative that others can possibly relate to. For myself, other than strong marketing, the mask of a work possesses the power.

Right now I am living at my parent’s house. As a result of my family being in the Charlotte area for less than five years, I am asked my opinion on our ever-changing home decor. I do not get overly enthusiastic about new items that come through our front door because I cannot call them my own. An aspect of true adulthood and independence that I greatly look forward to is designing a space of my taste, intense coziness, and a touch of extravagance. I am a lover of all things snuggly, which is why I am attracted to The Year of Cozy by Adrianna Adarme. The homemade pie on the front makes me want to stab a fork into the cover and take a bite. Since a move-out date is not yet scheduled, I am not currently making any serious interior design plans. I appreciate the simple aspects of life, but I also welcome luxury. The Art of the Bar Cart by Vanessa Dina ignited my passion to party. For now, I dream about savoring classy cocktails from my assortment of liquor and mixers.

Being that I have a distinctive infatuation with books, I plan to stock my future residence with them. When I picture a place of mine made into a home, I see a chic and modern atmosphere. Shades of grey with accents of gold, along with meaningful pops of fun colors in pictures and knick knacks. A pile of comfy blankets on the couch, scattered mementos from my travels every direction you look, and refreshed with scented candles. I steadily obtain a yearning to explore different cities and countries. The bright pastels and picturesque spots on See San Francisco by Victoria Smith captivated my travel bug personality. If I could jump on a plane today I would.

A decorative piece that can often be overlooked is the coffee table. It may easily diminish in importance compared to a sofa or chairs. A coffee table is a practical element, but also has the opportunity to be styled. I did a little Pinterest scrolling and came across plenty of charming displays. The options are endless, but almost all of the set-ups include books. Material for visitors to interact with while they are lounging. The sunshine-y cover of Get Happy! by Dr. Anthony Gunn transported me back to the sweaty days of summer. Happiness is an emotion I consistently want in my reality. Each day I am living is a part of my journey to discover what makes me smile. I want my guests to feel contentment on my couch. For them to catch a glimpse into another world, a life of another person — while having a layover in mine.

After judging books by their covers, below are some of my picks to dress a table.

See San Fran.jpgTheYearofCozy_Cover


Get Happy Book

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