Sherwin-Williams Color Palette 2019: Wanderer

Sherwin-Williams has released their 2019 color palettes, and they are stunning.  Here at Vishion, we will find you decor to go along with these beautiful color palettes.


Photo Credit Sherwin-Williams

The Sherwin-Williams 2019 color palette we will feature in this post is Wanderer.  These colors give me all the vibes of the Southwest.  I am in love with how warm and welcoming, yet full of adventure this palette is.


Find Your Sherwin-Williams Paint



I began by taking this swatch to see what results Vishion would give me if I wanted to search for this in the mobile app.  Aka…I want to be able to take a photo of a wall and have it tell me what the closest Sherwin-Williams match was.  See the results below 🙂



Would you look at that?  Vishion gave me the exact Sherwin-Williams paint back, in their color of the year Cavern Clay.  The opportunities are endless with this app!

Why stop there though?  I figured I would look for a chair that would go perfectly with Cavern Clay and the overall southwest feel.  Vishion produced exactly what I was looking for in the above chair from Anthropologie.


Decor for Wanderer

Photo Credit Sherwin-Williams

I decided to put in all the paint colors in the Wanderer palette and find decor to match.  See a few of Vishion’s results below.


Just for Fun


Finally, I wanted to see what fun decor Vishion would give me with this uber southwest inspo.


Vishion definitely picked up on all of the different shades of brown in the photo.  Below are just a few results the app gave me!

I hope you have loved seeing a few things the Vishion app can do for you!  We are so excited for you to try us out!  Get on the waitlist to try the app here!

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