Sherwin-Williams Color Palette 2019: Racontuer

Next in our continuing series on Sherwin-Williams’ 2019 color palettes, Vishion matches Raconteur.  A ‘safari adventure.’  That is 100% what this palette is all about in my mind.


image: Sherwin-Williams


Find Your Sherwin-Williams Paint


I began by searching against this color in the Vishion app. I love to be able to take a picture of anything and find a paint to match!


Vishion returned the exact Sherwin-Williams color I had hoped for in Rustic Red.

Of course I wanted to find an amazing rug in this color, and Vishion delivered!  This rug goes so perfectly with the Raconteur color palette.


Decor for Raconteur

photo: Sherwin-Williams

I used Vishion color search for all the colors in the Raconteur palette.  Take a look at some of my Vishion matches below.

Try your own color searches with the Vishion app . You can start with this palette or any color you like.   Get on the waitlist to try the app here.

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