Pantone Inspired Decor: Wedding Palette Edition

Here at Vishion we are all about being inspired by color.  Although the palettes that have inspired this post are Pantone’s 2019 wedding palettes, I am in love with the decor possibilites with these amazing hues.

I used the Vishion app to help me create a living room and bedroom using the Pantone palettes.  Read on to see our Vishion favorites.


Love in Bloom

Photo Credit Pantone

The Love in Bloom palette from Pantone brings dreams of whimsical and dreamy decor.  The Fuschia Red is my favorite color in this palette.  I used the Vishion app to find decor for a dreamy and jewel toned bedroom.


Paradise Found

Photo Credit Pantone

The Paradise Found reminds me of exactly that, a tropical getaway.  The hues of blue and orange make this palette vibe, and are perfect for the design of the entry way decor below.

I hope you are as inspired by these beautiful colors as I am!  Let us know your favorites in the comments!

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