A Painted Peck


As I browse my local Target makeup aisles, indecisiveness completely takes over. There are numerous choices of brands, pigments, and styles of cosmetics and my feet are not even planted in a Sephora. My forest green eyes focus on a shelf, unsure of what to reach out and grab. Other customers and employees can most likely spot the confused expression written all over my face from the juice and soda section. Every shopaholic realizes the risk of walking into a store. No matter what you intend on buying, there seems to be a cosmic pull forcing you toward your wants rather than your needs — especially if it’s pay day. Finding the appropriate concealer and cover-up to match my winter months skin tone is a necessity. On the other hand, finding a suitable pop of color for my lips is an irrefutable desire.

When it comes to a lipstick, I tend to go for darker shades in the maroon family. I own a handful of different versions that many people would say are all exactly the same. I gravitate over to a lip section and tell myself today is the day it stops. Maroon holds a special place in my heart, but I need to switch things up. Lip color is all about confidence. A little boost is necessary to rock a hue out of my comfort zone. But once I get over that hump, bold color makes me feel more confident.

Rimmel London’s Provocalips

An extremely bloody red scares me off. I like the idea of a crimson lip to finish off a trendy outfit, but I admit I usually avoid it. Being that I have an urge to change my ways, I pick up Rimmel London’s Provocalips called “Kiss Me You Fool”. I am instantly intrigued by the name. The two-step tube also reads “16 HR kiss proof colour”. I am aware that I am not smooching anyone regularly at the moment, so my mind takes me to — I should be able to wear this while drinking a cocktail without losing a layer every time I take a sip. Step 1 is the chosen color and the second step is “Lock and Shine” giving the consumer a look that lasts. I would not go as far to say color lasting for 16 hours, but I am definitely a supporter. And I am proud to say that I am no longer terrified of a classic rose.


NYX Cosmetics

Next, I come across Jet Set by NYX Cosmetics. This is a darker shade of blue. Yes, you read that correctly — blue. Well, blue lips are distinctive to say the least. Would I be crossing the line into Halloween costume territory? I was quite skeptical, but keeping the goal in mind I dropped the cylinder into my basket. After dressing up in my black bodysuit, black velvet skirt, and completing my hair and makeup routine, I was prepared to give my daring new pigment a try. I received at least three compliments on my liquid suede that night. A couple of them being from strangers in passing. The guy I kissed that evening told me I “Smurfed” him. I guess he was not a huge fan. Whenever you are feeling a little on the wild side, I highly recommend taking a chance with colors of the sea.


Lip Kit by Kylie

This year I asked Santa for a second Kylie Lip Kit, specifically requesting the color “Mink”. I consider the Kardashian family a guilty pleasure of mine to an extent. Whether you rally behind this particular group of people or not, put your personal feelings aside and only judge the product. Obviously an amount of money I will never touch goes into creating Kylie’s makeup line. Also, as a celebrity, she has been surrounded by makeup artists and professionals her whole life, before she could walk. I believe her and her team are experienced enough to know what they are doing. Although a lip kit comes with a higher price attached, I think it is worth the splurge. The dark-grey brown is a color I have not come across before and pairs well with a casual sweater and jeans or something a little fancier, like a bodycon dress. The two-step process consisting of a liner and a matte liquid lipstick allows for longer lasting color. Sometimes a little too long — FYI, aggressive scrubbing is required for removal. But hey, wearing lipstick should be a long-term commitment, not a summer fling.


The next time you are pacing back and forth through a maze of makeup, snag a gutsy color. Otherwise, you will never know the confidence it may give you to lean in for a perfectly painted peck.

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