Nautical Decor: Top Nine Designs

I grew up on the water.  It is what I love.  It is where my heart will always be.  I grew up on the lake skiing, wake boarding, driving the boat, and doing diving and flip contests with my sister and cousins.  Someday I will own a nautical home.  Whether it is on a lake, a river, or ocean, that will be me someday.  Below I give you my top nine nautical decor looks inspired by my love of this type of design.

1. Soft & Nautical Bedroom


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This bedroom is an understated version of Nautical.  I am in love with the whale pillow and contrast of the navy throw.

2. Obvious Nautical Guest Bedroom


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As a fellow lake lover, this room speaks to my soul.  The Lake sign is a must (or any driftwood type sign for that matter).

3. Stripes Galore: Living Room



The striped ottomans and trays are my favorite in this very nautical living room.

4. Warm & Cool Contrast



The way the warm browns of the coffee tables, couch, and floor contrast to the cool blues is what makes this room special.  This is my dream living room.

5. Lantern Lighting



These lantern looking lighting fixtures are amazing.  They bring nautical to the kitchen in a not so obvious way.

6. Sailboat Dreams



Do you want to quickly turn a space into something nautical?  Just add sailboats.  No seriously, probably the quickest way.  Maybe some seashells too 🙂

7. The Entry Way


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The look of the wicker basket, pillow, and rope knot really tie this room together. (See what is did there lol).

8. Outdoor Living



A big part of living on or near the water, is the outdoor space to enjoy it.  I can just picture myself sipping a local wine and winding down for the night with friends and family in this beautifully designed space.

9. Surf & Sand Guest Room



I am in love with the obvious ocean vibes incorporated with this bedroom.  It is perfection.  This is the guest room I will have someday.


I hope you enjoy my favorite nautical designs and shop some of the items I recommend that go with them.  Here at Vishion we are all about inspiration.  We are color rediscovered.

Have an amazing week y’all!

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