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We’re a small team of dreamers looking to build the first color search app. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we’re working together to create the first color-search engine from scratch. We are excited to be the team that builds Vishion.

Here are the faces behind the app.

Samantha Smith, Founder & CEO

I’m from Fairfax, Virginia.

Fun fact about me: I started my post-college career covering crimes and courts as a journalist for a small publication in Southern Virginia.

What makes me excited about Vishion: I wake up excited to build Vishion because we are creating a completely new way to help people search online. Color isn’t easy, but we’ll be known as the team that figured it out.

How I’ve used Vishion: I used Vishion today to find a new rug for our living room. I’ve struggled to find something colorful that can tie the room together. I’m looking for inspiration to step outside of my comfort zone.

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Emily Fee, Vishionary Writer

I’m from Stamford, Connecticut

Fun fact about me: I am an owner and designer of a Charlotte-based sustainable accessory line. We work with local handbag designers and couch manufacturers to salvage their scrap materials from going to the landfill.

What makes me excited about Vishion: I am so scared of color! I struggle with finding the right pieces to match my current decor but my rainbow loving daughter has challenged me to start using color in almost every room! I cannot wait to redecorate her room using the app!

How I’ve used Vishion: When my grandmother passed away I was gifted one of her favorite vases. It’s been sitting in my storage for a while because I didn’t know where it would fit in my current decor. After taking a picture of it I found items I could use to incorporate into my living room!

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Gurtej Singh, Head of Technology

I’m originally from Queens, New York, but proudly claim Charlotte as home now.

Fun fact about me: I’m a huge hip hop head, so I can (and occasionally do) debate top five rappers with others for more hours than I’d like to admit.

What makes me excited about Vishion: Sometimes I think back to when I realized just how much we as human beings are able to emotionally connect to what we can physically see, including the visuals and especially the colors surrounding us every day. At Vishion, that appreciation for the positive influence of color is at the heart of everything we do. So for me personally, it’s absolutely thrilling to have the opportunity to craft a product that has such unlimited potential to facilitate those kinds of emotional connections in people.

How I’ve used Vishion: Don’t tell my old orange sofa this, but I found a lot of possible replacements for it using Vishion today. I’m thinking a matching rug might be next…

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Jens Alm, Vishion Advisor

I’m from Gävle, Sweden.

Fun fact about me: I once competed in the Swedish Championship in Swimming

What makes me excited about Vishion: Technology has always been something that excites me. I love finding new and interesting ways to use technology and Vishion is unique in several ways.

How I’ve used Vishion today: I have taken multiple pictures around my house and searched for paint colors to see how well the results match.

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Kayce Hunt, Founder and Head of Finance

I’m from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

Fun fact about me: I play competitive flag football and am a personal trainer on the side

What makes me excited about Vishion: It will help people. I see the immense value of an app like this and am so excited to see the results of helping people make their dream rooms

How I’ve used Vishion: I used Vishion today to find decor matching and coordinating the Sherwin-Williams 2019 color palette Shapeshifter

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Bryan McCarter, Chief Marketing Officer

I grew up in Tennessee but lived for most of my adult life in New York. I feel like I’m from both (though my kids would be quick to tell you they are New Yorkers and I am not.)

Fun fact about me: Years ago, I took an acting workshop taught by Timothy Busfield. It was a watershed event in my life; during the course, I realized that acting wasn’t my thing but marketing was. This set me on my life’s path.

What makes me excited about Vishion: I really like being part of something new. The opportunity to create the Vishion brand from scratch is not something to pass by!

How I’ve used Vishion: Finding a complementary paint color for the shared, center part of a jack-and-jill bathroom between my son‘s bright orange and my daughter‘s purple.

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Diondre Lewis, Head of Mobile Development

I’m from Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Fun fact about me: I help poor people make money on technology by training them for free in enterprise software development called T.R.A.P Tech Program (Training Responsible Advanced Professionals).

What makes me excited about Vishion: Color is everywhere!

How I’ve used Vishion: I got some ideas for chairs in my office based on our wall colors.

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