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I am not a small town girl and have never lived in a tiny town nor will I choose to do so. I need a wide range of shopping and entertainment options. Never have I craved a slow-paced way of life in a close-knit environment in which everyone knows everybody’s business. Or the type of place you are likely to run into someone you know at any public venue. Although I am not interested in this sort of lifestyle permanently, I enjoy being a visitor — mostly due to the shops and restaurants that cannot be found elsewhere. The Lucky Penny boutique is a consumer experience exclusive to Boone, NC.

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Boone is a mountainous, college town that I have had the privilege to explore more than a few times. As I mentioned in my last post, City Saturation: Italy, hiking is most definitely not a hobby of mine. Because of this, I do not venture to the mountains to fully embrace the mountains. My best friend attends graduate school at Appalachian State University, so my trips to Boone are usually centered around an extravagant social event. These include a birthday, holiday, or an all-out themed party.

Feeling Lucky

The Lucky Penny Lookbook

Strolling through downtown cannot be compared to other cities I have been to. The rustic charm is not where I picture myself spending most of my days. The bars and shopping are limited, but what they have to offer is unique. My best friend told me about The Lucky Penny before I visited. She described it as a place she had to take me, somewhere I need to check out.

I leave the frigid air behind and coziness greets me immediately. Accents of bright colors against chestnut is scattered around the one-of-a-kind boutique. I can easily walk through the doors of The Lucky Penny and make multiple purchases, but my sensibility kicks in. Although a trip to Boone always includes a splurge or five, my focus is on jewelry this time. I seem to avoid spending money on earrings, bracelets, etc. because a new top seems to be essential. As I get older, I realize accessorizing is vital. I hold up a stylish choker to my neck, thinking about an outfit I own to pair it with. Next, I drift toward the bowls of rings near the register and slip them onto my fingers. I walk away with two simple, yet eye-pleasing bands. I wear both every day now.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, make your way to King Street. You can also check out the boutique’s website, here.

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