Locally Inspired Decor: Jadore

Locally Inspired

When it comes to treating yourself, one of my absolute favorites is a mani and pedi.  My favorite place to go is Jadore Nail Boutique located by Harris Teeter in uptown Charlotte.  This boutiques luxurious, sparkly, and rich textures make the ambiance of Jadore.   The decor here is the inspiration for my Vishionary picks below.

Locally Inspired Home Decor: Sparkle & Shine

Find your inspiration with these below picks.


Jadore Nail Boutique

I highly recommend you check out Jadore.  I have been going to this salon for two and a half years and have always been impressed.  Visit their website here.

I hope y’all enjoy the decor inspired by this local to Charlotte business.

Stay Sassy and Stylish,

-The Brains of Vishionary

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