Top Ten Things to Do in NoDa

NoDa ( short for main street North Davidson) is known as Charlotte’s art district.   It’s beautiful streets are filled with funky shops, delicious restaurants, bars and lots of art/murals. 1980s artists Ruth Ava Lyons and Paul Sires opened a gallery in NoDa hoping to transform this dessrted neighborhood and give it new life. Throughout the years NoDa formed into Charlotte’s arts district.

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Charlotte is such a diverse and ever growing city.  It’s important to explore the neighborhoods around you and take advantage of all this great city has to offer.  NoDa offers so much inspiration through art and culinary experiences, taht I decided to take a day to explore this historic and colorful neighborhood and share my favorite things to do while in NoDa.


Smelly Cat Coffeehouse


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You can smell the fresh roast coffee as soon as you hit the street! Their fresh roasted coffee will give you the kick to start your walking tour throughout NoDa.


Amelie’s French Bakery


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Do not miss out on Amelie’s fresh baked goods along with their so fitting decor.  Take a moment to soak it all in and don’t forget to try their brownies.



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The ever changing murals by various (and very talented artists) are a must see and cannot miss while visiting NoDa. Make sure to snap a photo in front of the murals as the artists love seeing your appreciation for their work all over social media.



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After all the walking and exploring, you might work up quiet an appetite. Haberdish is by far my favorite NoDa restaurant.  The food is delicious, the atmosphere is beautiful and the prices are so cheap you won’t believe your bill when you receive it.  Make sure to order the chicken, mac and cheese, and the okra.   Quick hint, if you have kids order just one dish of chicken, it’s plenty for two!




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The art galleries in NoDa cannot be missed.  Make sure to stop by the Harts Whitzen Gallery. There are always changing artist and work that will really inspire you. There are a few galleries that carry jewelry too, perfect for holiday shopping.


NoDa Company Store


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Located on 3221 Yadkin Ave. it’s an old mill house with a beautiful zen garden that you can enjoy while as long as the weather is nice. Pups and children are welcome!


Neighborhood Theatre

Stop in for some live music at the Neighborhood Theater.  It’s always a fun way to start the night!


Cabo Fish Taco



Finally, time to fuel up for dinner! Cabo Fish Taco is Guy Fieri approved for good reasons.  The fresh food is delicious and the interior stays true to the funky vibes of NoDa.   Make sure to order the lemon grilled shrimp taco.

Heist Brewery


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I’m not a big beer drinker but my husband loves it.  So we Heist is the perfect place for us, their beer selection has something for every palate and their cocktail menu is spectacular. Order the Carolina, the moonshine in this cocktail is a must try!

NoDa 101

Pulling an all nighter and ready for more fun after your drinks at Heist? Head to NoDa 101 for karaoke.  Whether you partake or just enjoy watching others! It’s always a good time and will make a night in NoDa you won’t forget.

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Photo via @Susanleighyoga

So if you’re looking for something to do head out and into the streets of NoDa! You will not be disappointed.  If you live too far, follow the hashtag #onlyinnoda to see all the latest events, art, and things happening in NoDa.


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