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Visiting a brewery or bar in Charlotte is as much about the aesthetics as it is about the drink. Walking into Hoppin’ in South End for the first time is like walking into an interior designer’s alcohol heaven.

The serve-yourself bar mixes a futuristic look with the innovative concept: pour yourself as much beer or wine as you want.

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You deserve to sit in those wire black chairs, sippin’ on some beer while scrolling through Vishion’s decor & apparel finds on Insta. Always highlighting the best in the Queen City.

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Serve Yourself


What makes this bar stand out in a city overflowing with great places to go is that customers serve themselves. An assortment of mix-and-match glassware line wooden shelves, allowing guests to choose, individualizing their Hoppin’ experience even more. Just hold your activated wristband up to the sensor above one of the taps and start pouring, sampling as many as you want.


Black and White and Green All Over

The crisp white walls and light-wash wood flooring creates a clean, bright space, a setting for nothing other than good vibes.

Pops of lime green are scattered throughout the bar in the form of pillows and plants. The spring-y aesthetic makes me wish the sunshine and hotter temperatures would stick around. A way for my not-so-outdoorsy self to appreciate nature without being completely immersed. And all while sipping a cider.


Hoppin’ is Poppin’


My first hoppin’ experience was a night out with a friend. The line was out the door and both levels of the modern bar were packed. It was too busy to notice the intricacies of the interior design. The only thing I noticed was the lively band in the corner and the scaling accent wall.

My second visit is on a Saturday afternoon to talk business with the Vishion team. The more relaxed atmosphere allows me to admire the interior design and observe decor I overlooked on that Friday night a week beforehand.

I already have my next visit to Hoppin’ in the works and I cannot wait. More beer, wine, and good vibes to come.

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