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Wine, power tools, sand paper, and paint are just a few things you utilize when you attend one of Anders Ruff workshops. I have heard so much about this latest trend and since I love DIY crafts I decided to attend one of the workshops to give you all the details before you sign up for one.


Anders and Ruff

Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff are the designers behind the 2010 founded design company Anders Ruff®, an amazing graphic design, DIY blog and online shop.  Their “Ruff Draft” column on their blog was a source of DIY inspiration that later turned into a physical space where they host hands on workshops.  They now have over 70 locations nation wide BUT the original shop is right here in North Carolina.



The classes range from $45 to $95 per person, with schedules released six weeks in advance.  You are able to choose which date/time, project, and design best fits you. Projects include wood-plank signs, wooden trays and canvas signs and pillows that participants can customize for their own home or the person whom they’re making the item for.



Don’t come to this workshop thinking you’re going to sit down and sip wine while you paint.  As soon as you walk in you find your spot (which includes the template and wood which you will be working with) and slap on an apron.  You friendly workshop instructor will begin as soon as everyone at your table is in attendance.  She will walk you through each and every step, and will gladly take over if you’re anything like me and are intimidated by power tools.  Once your wood is assembled you distress and sand your blank slate.


There are tons of different Sherwin William paint colors to choose from.  Throughout the store are examples of finished projects.  They are great examples of how those paint colors can be complementary.  On the back of the projects is the list of colors and stains they used which makes it so much easier.  I chose a customized stain, Ivory white, and dusty green for my project.



Since you’ve already picked your stencil and customized it you’re almost ready to go! Now that the wood is assembled, sanded, stained, and you have your colors picked out you’re ready to work on your stencil.  You then peel off each and every detail and letter.  So fair warning, if you have written a poem get those hands ready for a fine motor workout.

After peeling, you then tape and place the stencil on the wood and get your paints ready to paint.  Your instructor will guid you through the most proficient painting style when working with stencils and when she gives you the ok, you’re ready to give one last peel!

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When your project is finally done, you have a feeling of serious pride, I literally said out loud “I made that, it’s so beautiful!” Thank goodness the women next to me were on their second bottle of wine and enthusiastically agreed with me.

I cannot wait to go to another workshop. The workshops are a fun way to get friends or even work groups together. I highly recommend taking a class, they are simple and fun and you get bring home a project you’ll be proud to display in your home.

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If you can’t make it to a workshop below are some DIY inspired looks you can shop for your home!

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