Kravet joins the Vishion Pilot

Vishion is proud to announce Kravet Inc. will join as a brand partner in the upcoming Vishion color search beta this Fall.

Kravet was the most requested brand by interior designers on our waitlist, with 46 percent mentioning Kravet or its subsidiary brands, Lee Jofa and Brunschwig & Fils, by name.

Kravet is the industry leader in to-the-trade fabric and furnishings, offering the widest range of colors, patterns and textures in every design style. Kravet offers fabric, furniture, wallcovering, trimming, carpet and drapery hardware.

The Vishion mobile application allows users to conduct an accurate color search, using 3,600 color options to instigate a search for décor, furniture and fabrics, which will include Kravet products. Users can also use Sherwin-Williams paint colors to begin a search, finding items that are similar or complementary in color.

“The vast majority of the searches on our website for fabric or wallcovering include color as a parameter,” said Jesse Lazarus, Chief Process and Innovation Officer for Kravet Inc.. “The accuracy in color matching made possible by the Vishion platform could be a very valuable tool for interior designers.”

Over 68 percent of interior designers on the Vishion waitlist said it takes at least an hour to search for products by color. Vishion color search will provide an easy method for users to conduct color search and find inspiration.

“We know interior designers already have a vision in mind. We want to help make their jobs just a little bit easier,” said Sam Smith, founder and CEO of Vishion. “We are so excited to work with an amazing brand like Kravet as we innovate how consumers and designers conduct color search.”

During exploratory work with interior designers, Vishion recognized that to-the-trade fabric and furnishings providers like Kravet are critical additions to our color search result offering.

“Over 20 years ago I furnished a client’s entire luxury condo on Sanibel [Island]. They love a particular shade of periwinkle blue and hunter green,” said an interior designer from Cape Coral, Florida. “They contacted me a year ago and wanted to replace upholstery and accent cushions after all of these years. It took me forever to match up the colors. I would love help with these kinds of problems. My time is so limited and there are never enough hours in the day to research new product.”

Designers will be able to find Kravet fabric and wallcovering by color using Vishion’s color search engine later this Fall. We are nearing capacity on our limited beta release, but sign up remains open for a few more weeks. Visit the Vishion website to learn more.


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