Jordan’s 5 on Friday: Decor Inspired by My Favorite Lip Colors

Happy Friday, Vishionaries! We have almost made it through all five days after our long Memorial Day Weekend. Personally, I think that is a great accomplishment and we deserve to treat ourselves.

My Five on Friday decor picks will always be inspired by the things, places, and colors I love.  This week my decor inspiration comes from my favorite vibrant lip colors.

Below are my picks for decorative items inspired by the four shades of lip color I own, and the color I plan on buying next.  So go ahead, treat yourself to some color inspired home decor.  You deserve it!



I have to start with “Philosopher” because it reminds me of our Color of the Week! This saturated hue of purple screams spring and summer. If you want to be slightly daring with your makeup, but not go too crazy, this shade is for you. The floral rug I picked is not too busy, especially for a small bathroom.



This color pink is a lot more muted than what I usually go for, but I figured I needed some more basic shades to add to my collection. “Lover” can easily be worn throughout each season and is exceptionally work appropriate. Does anyone else just think this is a cool pillow? The pinks and purples are not too overbearing, while the design still adds an element of fun.



Yes, you are seeing this color correctly — “Heroine” is bright red-orange. I’ve experimented with quite a few out of the ordinary pigments, so I feel good about it before the color has even touched my lips. I can see this bowl at home in a beach house, always filled to the brim with fruit.



As I held “Romantic” in my hand I was extremely indecisive. Is this WAY too pink? The answer is no. It is actually the perfect, bright summer shade to make your lips pop. The pink bathroom set is fitting for any young girly-girl.




I currently own a shade of lipstick similar to “Huntress” so I thought I’d put off making the purchase. Maybe it is not even really necessary to buy it, I thought. But after seeing Gigi Hadid wearing this color in InStyle Magazine, I was convinced I need it. The chair I chose is simple and classy. I am always a fan of gray furniture.


Which of these colors would you add to a room in your house?

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