Ways to Make a Small Spaces Look Larger

Want to make your tiny living space or a specific room seem bigger? Studio spaces, small living rooms, and DIY office spaces remain a challenge when there is limited square footage.  Storage is key to small living but there are other ways that you can make your small spaces seem much larger!   I have pulled together my favorite tricks and tips as well as a few items that will make your space larger than life no matter what your living situation might be.


It’s not all smoke and mirrors when you add a mirror to a small space,  it works like a charm. I think that mirrors are a definite necessity for small spaces.  Actually, it is  probably the one item you should splurge on when decorating your small area. It doubles the space and gives the illusion of  double the furniture and accessories!

Patterns on the floor

When rug shopping or tile shopping make sure you choose a pattern.  It will help make your living room, bathroom, or even deck look bigger.


Long curtains

Mount the curtains near to the ceiling and have extra-long drapes. This will make the ceiling look higher, and the room appear taller.

Mixing Patterns

If you are working with a small living room your main furniture piece is likely your couch.  The best way to add depth to your living room is by layering and mixing different patterns as well as complementary colors.

So if you’re ready to go from tiny living to living large just keep these rules in mind and shop my favorite styles above.  Don’t forget to sign up to our Newsletter so you don’t miss out on any colorful tips and tricks.

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