Interior Design Spotlight : Kira Kurc Interior Design, Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is filled with talented interior designers. We recently had the chance to sit down and interview Kira Kurc, one of Charlotte’s newest interior designers.  We wanted to get a little insight into her Bohemian approach toward interior design and use of color.




Tell me a little bit about your business?
First off, it’s brand new! I started Kira Kurc Interior Design in August of 2018, not knowing if anyone would even bother to follow. I feel extremely fortunate that I have had as many clients as I have in the last seven months.




What makes your interior design approach different?
I am affordable, and I create affordable designs. Not everyone can walk into Restoration Hardware and drop $30,000 for a living room design. I believe that we can create the space you dream of without breaking the bank. It takes hard work and creativity to design on a smaller budget, but you better believe I will make it happen. Most of my free time is spent sourcing seriously amazing finds, and I love passing that on to my clients.


Is there a specific theme or feel to your design?
Definitely! I gravitate towards Bohemian design mixed with mid-century modern, aka Anthropologie-inspired. I focus on comfort and coziness, along with practicality. It is very bungalow meets Scandinavian, which seems counter-intuitive, but I simply don’t feel that applies to design. It can be anything you want it to be!




What is your favorite color trend at the moment?
I am currently loving Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, Living Coral! It is a fun, bright color but isn’t super feminine, so it is a great compromise for couples.


What color challenges do you find you run into with clients? 
Accent colors, 100%. What I think might be the best accent color is usually not what my client picks, and that’s okay! I run with it and make it work.




What brands or bloggers do you follow for inspiration?
SO many. As far as brands, I am constantly drawn toward Anthropologie, Lulu and Georgia, and a bit of Urban Outfitters. And I won’t lie, Target’s new line Opalhouse that was released spring of 2018 is a huge source of inspiration for designing both my own space and my client’s space. I also follow tons of “dream” brands. As far as other bloggers that I follow, I have to give a shout out to @justinablakeney, @mylittlebohome, @ashleystark, @littleblondebook, and @arrowsandbow for always giving me decor inspiration.




What is your favorite local spot?
I almost don’t want to share! I tell anyone and everyone who will listen about Cafe Monte in South Park. I have never once had a bad meal and the service is some of the best in Charlotte. Oh, and they have wine nights twice weekly (I follow half-price wine nights in Charlotte like a groupie.) It is my go-to for lunch with my mom, date night with my guy, or chatting over appetizers and wine with friends. And if you’re lucky and go as often as I do, Monte might actually put your staple cocktail on the menu!

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