Inspired by Color: Floral Dress from BOEM Boutique

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What is there not to love about local boutiques?  The fashion is always fresh, the looks are one of a kind, and I seemingly always find exactly what I am looking for…and wayyyy more. <3  The Charlotte boutique scene is robust, and we at Vishionary will be featuring looks we love from these local gems.


BOEM Boutique

The first boutique we are featuring is a wonderful Bohemian Chic boutique by the name of BOEM Boutique.  They have a lot of beautifully patterned designs, of which I will be featuring one of those in this post.  Be sure to visit them in store at 3920 Sharon Rd Ste B150, Charlotte NC, 28211 or online at BOEM Boutique.

Floral Dress

I am absolutely in love with this dress.  It has something easy, breezy, chic about it, and I simply cannot get enough.  It’s basically s if two of my favorite dresses had a love child…this is both a maxi AND wrap dress.  Perfection in a dress <3  You can purchase this Dress from BOEM here.


These black heels a wonderful compliment to our floral dress.  The heel is not ridiculously high, making it a great option for being slightly more comfortable.  You can purchase these heels here.





I am a huge fan of the choker style necklace right now, and this option works perfectly with the V-Neck of our floral dress.  With such a bold dress and statement necklace, pairing subtle earrings is the perfect touch to this outfit.  You can find the necklace here and the earrings here.



A clutch or purse is essential with any outfit for us to keep our phones, lipsticks, wallets, and all those phone numbers we are bound to get. 😉  This dark pink laser clutch by Wade is the perfect match for this outfit.  You can find that here.


Hope you all enjoy this beautiful outfit from BOEM boutique.

Keep it sassy and stylish.  Until next time  <3

-The Brains of Vishionary

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