5 Ways to Bring Nature Indoors

Modern interior designs are starting to truly show their colors, their natural colors.  We’ve been noticing that it’s all about bringing the colors of nature into your home decor. Lots of wood, whites, and GREEN! Tons and tons of green!  With the snow storm coming we decided to do a little flash back Friday to warmer weather and interior design tones.


My favorite color is green, and I love surrounding myself with it.  I love it so much I made sure that whatever home we live in always has big windows and natural lighting. I find that it helps any space seem more relaxing and natural.


So I did a little research as to how you can use this natural trend in your current space. Let’s explore the best interior design trends of 2018 that are all about bringing the colors of nature inside!

Bring plants into your home.

Surrounding yourself with fresh flowers and potted plants is the easiest way to surround yourself with nature. The small accents bring color, freshness, and lots of added texture to your space.

Adding wood.

Adding natural material like wood, cork, or bamboo will give your place a  refreshing feeling.

Floral pattern and prints.

It might seem like a big deal, but adding a floral printed couch or chair that reflects the outdoor sceenery around your house is a beautiful way to incorporate the outdoors to your everyday space.

Sheer curtains.

Sheer curtains in shades that are white, pale yellow, or even light blue allow natural light to shine very bright. Sometimes the best part of a place is the view! So leave window sills clear and let the light in!

Paint colors.

Painting your bathroom, kitchen, or even your kitchen cabinets deep greens or sky blue is an easy way to refresh your interior. Your space will instantly warm up without overhauling your entire space.

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