Hike Carolinas: Outdoor Fashion Edition

If you have ever hiked one of the trails in the beautiful state of North Carolina, you will understand the love I have for these day hike adventures.  If you have not had the opportunity to, I would highly suggest you get out and try one.  Depending on the time of year you go, the gear and clothing you wear will differ.  In this post I will cover some of my favorite items and brands for all of your North Carolina Hiking Adventures.

Hiking Pack

The first item you will want is a good hiking day pack.  You want to make sure your pack is big enough to fit all of your essentials for a few hours to a day on the trail.  The two trails I am featuring in this article Stone Mountain and Table Rock range from 2-4 hours on the trail.  My recommendation for a day back comes from the brand Deuter . Deuter has packs for any trek you could ever embark on.  The one I own is a smaller day pack, but does have water storage in it, making hiking a seamless endeavor.  All of the women’s packs come with the cute yellow flower on the pack as featured in the picture of my pack at Table Rock .  I could never forget about our gentlemen readers though, Deuter packs are perfect for y’all as well.  Find all of them here .


Depending on where and what time of year you are hiking, your answer to the perfect jacket can vary immensely.  The jacket I love for my North Carolina hiking, really any time of year is the Ferrosi Hooded Jacket by Outdoor Research .  Not only is this jacket light and packable, but its fabric is water resistant, wind resistant, quick drying, breathable and it has multiple pockets.  The one I own is a beautiful two tone purple, but it comes in 5 other colors.

To my men out there, once again I won’t ever leave you out.  Lucky for you, Outdoor Research makes a Ferrosi Jacket for Men as well, which you can find here. Your version has all the same incredible features but with different color options.  Although this post covers hiking in North Carolina, I can tell you with certainty that Outdoor Research carries jackets for ALL elements you could encounter on any adventure you wish to take on. Check out their entire website and you will see exactly what I am referring to.


Anyone who has ever worked out knows how important having comfortable athletic bottoms is.  I will discuss my two favorite brands for bottoms and which styles are my favorite.  When you are hiking a more rugged trail like Table Rock, you will want to make sure you have bottoms that completely cover your legs.  The reason for this is there are sections of this amazing trail where you will have to bear crawl the rock face to get to the summit.  For this reason alone I recommend pants, so you avoid injury.  The pants I am absolutely in LOVE with are the Victoria’s Secret Knockout Tight .

These pants hit perfectly just above the waist, stay in place, and are a thicker material for overall comfort in any movement you make.

Now, I do understand that in the heat of a North Carolina you will not want to be hiking in full length tights.  So, my recommendation for breathable cute shorts comes from Lululemon.  My favorite are the Speed Up short, but they have all different styles I know you would love.  Find them here.

Now for you men out there, I am not going to pretend I know or understand the type of bottoms you find comfortable to hike in, but I will make a promise to you our readers that I will have the man in my life test out some different styles and get back to all of you, because as I said…I will never forget y’all.


For my summer hikes at Stone Mountain and Table Rock, my tops actually come from the same brands as my bottoms.  The first is the top I wore hiking Table Rock.  In the above I obviously recommended wearing long tights for this hike, which for me meant I wore a sports bra for my top as the hike that day was about 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the Carolina summer heat. Honestly, overall I would recommend all of the Victoria’s Secret Sport Bras.  I have tried almost all of them and love them.  You can find them here.

The top I wore hiking stone mountain this summer is by far my favorite athletic tank top on the market.  It is the Cool Racerback Tank from Lululemon. This tank top has been my favorite for years.  It is breathable, yet thick material, stays in place, wicks sweat, and comes in an array of colors that always change with the season.


If you plan to be hiking on a bright sunshiny Carolina day(my favorite days), you will want to be sure you pack your favorite shades.  The one’s I wear hiking are typically my Orange Flash RayBan Aviators. or the Royal Rugby Boots sunnies I have on in this photo.  Royal Rugby Boots seems to be out of the sunglasses, but they are my fave so hopefully they start selling them.  Here is the Royal Rugby Boots site anyways.


Last, but certainly not least; shoes.  This truly may be the most important item you need for your hike.  For the easier day hikes I am mentioning above, my favorite athletic shoe suffices.  This is the Asics Gel Kayano.  I have worn this shoe for over 10 years now, and it is my absolute favorite.  This is my go to running and athletic shoe for the stability it offers. However, if you plan to go on a multi day trek, or a hike where you truly have to deal with all the elements, my recommendation is you get yourself a pair of Keen Hiking Shoes/Boots.

I have a low rise pair of Keen hiking shoes, but what you get will depend on how strenuous and how long of a hike you plan to be on.  Also, the condition of your ankles.  If you are going to be hiking a very uneven surface I would recommend you getting a slightly higher boot for more ankle support.


Now that you have all the gear you need, I highly recommend you get out and hike both Stone Mountain and Table Rock.  They both have absolutely stunning waterfall features and gorgeous views from the summits as you can see from the pictures I have included in this post.

Get out and explore the endless beauty of your world.

Until next time.  Keep living your Vishion y’all <3


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