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We hate to be the “I told you so” type, but we like to give credit where credit is due.  Vishion is confident that our 2019 trend predictions are right on point.  And when we reflect on our favorite High Point Market booths we get even more excited now than ever before for what’s to come! Alfonso Marina was one booth that nailed our beige, brown, and natural wood trend. Their designs embody the warmth of whites and neutral palettes and warmer woods, bringing the feeling of serenity to any space.

Neutral Elegance

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Alfonso Marina

I always admired designers that create pieces that are able to elevate a space without a lot of fuss.   Alfonso Marina is an artist who does just that with his pieces. Alfonso Marina is a true artisan and started his journey in 1971. “Our goal is to offer superior pieces with casual elegance, those that show harmony in design and proportion, not limiting to a certain period or provenance”- Alfonso Marina.

High Point Market

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 10.41.00 AM A neutral color palette can serve as a base for richly designs.  Alfonso Marina show just how rich neutral color palettes can be in their 2019 High Point Market show room. One section of their show room was covered in dark walls and white lighting surrounded their pieces like angelic lighting.  Showing off their creative textures and finishes contrast and complementing every detail.

Below we highlighted our favorite pieces for the 2019 High Point Market.  Scroll below to see each one and why they stood out to us.

New Pieces



Every detail in this chair reflects thoughtful design.  From from rich dark wood to the brass end caps on each leg. It’s a great way to bring some natural glamour to the table or even to your living room. The perfectly tailored cushion is soft and inviting, making the piece approachable.



This pieces can transform a room.  It doesn’t skim on details and has a flexible palette that is sure it look great wherever you decide to put it.  The durability, strength, and stability of this piece proves Alfonso Mariana craftsmanship high quality materials are built for longevity.




Every exquisite detail of this chair is elegant and yet slightly urbane. The sleek curves of the wood with a plush white cushion marries style and texture. This seat can be used in so many spaces in so many different ways.

alzey-cocktail-tableWe love the way this table elevates a room without too many distractions. This table’s solid frame is hand-wrapped in rattan to achieve just the right texture and variation in tone. The sturdy top preserves the natural materials and brass end caps on the feet add an elegant finishing touch.


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If you want to see more from Alfonso Marina, head to their website.  Please make sure to sign up to our newsletter and social media pages to keep up to date on our launch and everything color trend!

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