Green with Envy: St. Patrick’s Day Aftermath

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, a group of friends and I choose to book a hotel right outside of Uptown Charlotte and participate in the infamous Rich and Bennett’s bar crawl, otherwise known as the world’s largest. I have dressed up for the spirit of Halloween twice in the past, but this year was my first St. Patrick’s Day crawling experience. Even though I am trespassing into the unknown, I am feeling lucky. Green shirts flood the street of Uptown, creating long lines for bar entry. The impatient and tipsy weave through crowds of strangers to find a possible location worth waiting for. More than 30 bars take part in the festivities. Going into the event, I choose to focus on two main things:

1. Be Fashion Forward

Everyone is going to be wearing the same shirt, so be sure to style myself accordingly and stand out amongst the crowd. I cautiously cut my top into a v-neck and paint my pout with Maybelline’s Smoky Jade. which I bought specifically for this occasion and plan to rock again. Another bold lipstick move by me in the books.

2. Pace Myself

A bar crawl is in no means a race, so try not to feel rushed. There are plenty of hours to consume cocktails, hang out with friends, and pay a visit to at least one of my favorite hot spots. I surprisingly woke up the next day feeling perfectly fine and I am sure much better than most of the other crawlers.
Whenever March 17th rolls around, I realize how little green I own, especially for attending a university and being a sorority member with this color representing both. The transition from winter to spring brings rain, blooming flowers, and the revival of fresh and healthy greenery. A vibrant, lush scene fitting for a lightweight, floral sundress.
This “Luck of the Irish” holiday and the beginning of spring sparks a style inspiration — I should spring for more green when shopping! The shades of forest match my eyes, making them pop. Below are some of my leafy-colored picks to be one with Mother Nature this season.

Spring for Green

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