Galentine’s Day Beer Pressure

Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday by any means. Being the romantic that I am, I like the idea of celebrating love with whom you are in love with. I have just never been given that opportunity and this year is not any different. I am going to spare you any sob stories to support why this may be the case and skip to what I hope to focus on this February 14 — girlfriends and beer. Boys come and go for me, but the friends who choose to stick around are more important than a lot of people realize. Friendship is a type of love that is present in my life. Shoutout to my Galentines.

Most of my Valentine’s Days are spent hauled up alone in my bedroom. One year I was in Rome on Valentine’s Day, which is quite the lovey-dovey experience even though I was not taking part in any romance myself. As I think about potential Galentine’s locations, surprisingly enough I choose to zero in on beer. I am not a beer drinker and I am pretty sure I never will be, despite others telling me I will learn to love it. However, the atmosphere of these bars makes me want to take a sip or two.

Where to Drink on Galentine’s Day

Flying Saucer

I lost track of how many nights of my undergrad days were spent at this university area bar. My old apartment complex was in walking distance. Monday nights are Flying Saucer’s pint nights — a selection of beers and ciders priced at $3.50. Being that I find beer more than slightly disgusting, their altering cider choices leaves me satisfied. I discovered one of my favorite ciders here (Ace Pineapple) and had my only New Year’s Eve kiss to date under their roof. Plates decorate the walls and ceiling honoring the “BEERKNURDS” of The Saucer, the unique name for their beer loyalty program with a massive following.  A program built for those who have an extensive beer palate, unlike myself.

Flight Beer Garden and Music Hall

The first and only time I went to Flight Beer Garden and Music Hall was this past October with my best friend. I ordered the cider flight…3 times. I am very indecisive. Also, not ordering a flight of drinks at a place called Flight seems wrong. We sat at a high-top outside, people watching through the midnight black fence out onto the streets of Uptown. As a 3rd grade spelling bee champion, I hope to one day take part in their drunk spelling bee contest. Or at least watch for some free entertainment. I really do not know how else to describe this place other than I got a great vibe from it and I had a fun time. I look forward to taking Flight once again soon.

VBGB Beer Hall and Garden

VBGB offers a large indoor-outdoor space with over-sized games to keep guests entertained. The bar is lined with picnic tables allowing people from different groups to join each other and socialize. The interactive scene is something I generally shy away from, but want to be more open to. Both cider and liquor are provided, which makes this drinking spot a win in my book.

What to Wear on Galentine’s Day

When it comes to dressing for an occasion, I am much different than my friends. I choose to wear a dress or skirt over pants almost every time. For most, a relaxing night of drinking does not include a dress. It is often easy to transform a nicer dress into a casual look by adding a sweater, jean jacket or costume jewelry. The velvet Topshop dress above screams special event and would be ruined by covering up the details. Even though this piece is on the fancier side, I would still wear it out with a group of girlfriends for a more casual evening.

I wear this plum-colored dress to work and feel extremely professional. But, I throw my Urban Outfitters jean jacket over it and I do not feel strange wearing it during a night out. It is the perfect day-to-night transformation. My Galentine’s Day inspired outfit picks are below. So, get dolled up and step out with girlfriends to make Wednesday a bit more beerable.

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