Food Truck Friday at Sycamore Brewing

Food Truck Friday, now permanently located at Sycamore Brewing is a Charlotte, NC staple. The South End area has become a favorite of mine, especially with the (slightly) spring-y weather we are experiencing. Choosing an outfit suitable for North Carolina’s crazy, wavering temperatures is an aggravating task. My Friday evening started out in the 80s, dropping off into the 50s or so later on.


I recently bought this yellow shirt and now I am really feeling clothing and/or accessories in this shade. The top I am wearing is from Nordstrom. Yellow is not normally a color I tend to go for, but I think I am going to change that. The photos above also feature Windy Hill’s blueberry cider and my friend’s dog. Below are some of my yellow picks.

A crocheted sweater or silky kimono is essential for this season. I wrapped my Brandy Melville cardigan around my waist until the evening cooled.

I admit that I did not purchase anything from a food truck this time around. Seems pretty unacceptable — Food Truck Friday without food. Next time! Although I cannot give you a review on taste, I can tell you exactly where I plan to order from in the future. Two words — Papi. Queso. I am all about a cheesy meal in a variety of forms, so the mac melt (creamy macaroni and cheese, cheddar) grilled cheese from the Papi Queso truck would be my go-to.


I have a thing for lights. I find them extremely romantic. Lighting completely changes the mood of a space — inside or out. Because of this, prime time at Sycamore is when the sun sets. The string lighting draped over the outdoor seating is picturesque to say the least. Wooden picnic tables create a relaxed, home-y feel. If you have ever watched Parenthood, I compare the Braverman yard where family dinners take place to Sycamore’s atmosphere. My picks to uniquely brighten up a space are below.

Sycamore is a fun and dog-friendly spot to relax — especially on Fridays.

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