Color Coding National Wine Drinking Day

In case you needed another reason to open your favorite bottle of wine, it is National Wine Drinking Day on February 18th! The purpose of this holiday is to celebrate all the health benefits of drinking wine (in moderation) and I can attest to a few mental health atributes as a mom of two little kids.  Wine lovers across the USA celebrate this unofficial holiday by sipping on their ideal bottles of reds, whites, and rosé.

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My first National Wine Drinking party went better than expected last year!

National Drink Wine Day is by far the perfect time to open your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy it with your friends.  Choosing different kinds of wine to taste throughout the night is a great idea for the party but what better way to escalate the experience then to color coordinate your wine with chic accessories!  As you toast with your friends or family in style.

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Wine Glass Tags are the perfect way to help your guests keep track of their glass.


Entertain with ease while hosting your millennial Rosé drinkers with these home accessories that they’ll be swooning over.


There are so many different kinds of red wines and people have strong opinions about which ones are best.  Bringing out black accents to highlight the dark deep flavors of red will really enrich your wine tasting experience.

White Wine

White is my favorite shade but you don’t want an all white wine tasting party! So it’s best to add pops of bold colors to make this wine more colorful throughout the tasting.

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