1 Dress, 5 Ways

If you’re like me, then you want to buy new clothes literally everyday. I’m always looking to upgrade my style by buying new clothes, but that can get pretty expensive very quickly.

My solution to the draining of my bank account was inspired by one gorgeous influencer on Instagram. Lydia Rose (aka @FashionInFlux) uses one clothing item and styles in 5 different ways to create 5 unique and trendy outfits.

I used the Vishion application to recreate her amazing styling centered around a beautiful black dungaree dress!



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Look 1

This look is simple and stylish. It’s all about the accessories here. The light pink purse adds a pop of color. And don’t feel obligated to stick with pink! With a black and white outfit, you can use any color you want to add some flare and flavor! The turtleneck and booties are the perfect way to incorporate some fall fashion into this look.


Look 2

I thought this look was so unique. It’s a fun way to add color that I never would have thought to add to this dress. And again you can wear whatever color button up you want under this dress, but I really do love how great the vibrant red looks under the black. It’s also the perfect outfit to show off your little black designer handbag!

Look 3

This look screams European fashion. It’s only two pieces of clothing and yet it looks so put together, especially the scarf tied around the neck like that. The scarf is a fun way to add a print to your outfit!


Look 4

I am a sucker for men’s clothing. Any time where it’s acceptable to wear oversized clothing, I will definitely be wearing oversized clothing. This is a great casual look that, once again, is perfect for the fall! To really make this outfit look cohesive, make sure that your dress and the shirt you’re wearing over it are the same or close to the same fabric.

Look 5

This look is a cute variation of the 1st look. Instead of a turtleneck, we have a cinched off-the-shoulder top with a pair of adidas that have been trending all year. The round sunglasses give me 70s festival vibes, which I absolutely love.

Let us know which look is your favorite in the comments section!

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