Glasses Are Trendy: Do You Read Me?

The eye doctor tells me I have 20/20 vision in one eye and over 20/20 in the other. My dream of wearing a cute pair of specs that I need to see clearly is shot down instantly. The next spew of words he directs toward me is that my vision would get worse if I force a pair of prescription glasses over my eyes. Ugh, really? I should not be disappointed in the fact that I can see well. More than well, actually. I achieved perfection without even trying! I should be ecstatic, but I was not at all. The look of glasses on both girls and guys is attractive to me. I want to join the four-eyes population.

The unsatisfying news of my excellent eyesight did not stop me from purchasing designer brand, prescription-less glasses that would sit in the case for years, hardly given the opportunity to see my world. I think there are two main reasons for choosing not to wear my stylish shades. Firstly, I admit I am slightly embarrassed. I do not need glasses and most of my friends, family, and acquaintances know this. I would be drawing unwanted attention to myself by making such a bold fashion statement. Secondly, I am much more outgoing than I used to be when it comes to my personality as well as my style. I can be an outfit risk-taker, which makes dressing up extra fun.

Taking notice of current trends, I observe that chic, non-prescription readers are showing up online as well as in stores. This is my chance. Urban Outfitters has been calling my name lately, so I purchased two pairs of glasses from their website. The prices did not greatly injure my bank account and I am happy with how the shapes fit my face after trying them on. I encourage everyone to change the way he or she looks at things — even if it is not necessary.

Stay Trendy with Readers

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