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Every book I’ve read about startups mentions something called an unfair advantage. The unfair advantage is a unique characteristic that qualifies your startup to be the best company to tackle the problem at hand.

It’s the special sauce that can put your startup on the same playing field as a multibillion-dollar organization. Well maybe not the on the same playing field right away, but it’ll at least get you into the same stadium.

I am proud to introduce Vishion’s unfair advantage: Color Solutions International. 

Get to know Vishion’s newest partner

Color Solutions International (CSI) is part of the DyStar Group, the leading color solutions provider in the textile industry. CSI provides retailers and brands with a variety of color services, including the creation, management and distribution of their color standards.

CSI’s team supports designers and color managers from inspiration, color selection and throughout the entire supply chain. Their Certified Standards are used to identify the exact colors being used from design to finished product. Vishion takes the next step in the journey, using our consumer-facing application to facilitate color search across retailers for decor and apparel.

The passion to provide superior customer service and continuous innovation is evident when you speak with CSI’s leadership.  This is what excites me the most about our partnership. Together, the two companies will work together to identify the best methods to improve the product color-search, as well as forecast the latest color trends.

Color is complex

Color is a complicated beast. I remember pitching our mobile application to our advisor, Josh Weisberg, before he joined the Vishion team. To give you a bit of background, Josh has written four books about digital imaging and color management. He quickly schooled me on the complexities of color management. After that conversation, I realized that I needed a strategic partner that had the tools and technology infrastructure to help Vishion identify and classify product colors on a large scale.

I was researching color-focused studies when I stumbled upon an article about CSI’s Color Analysis Report for the spring of 2019. After learning more about their background, I reached out to a few people on the Dystar and CSI team. I was shocked when I got a response directly from the CSI President & CEO Ron Pedemonte. We pitched the concept of Vishion to him and his team a few weeks later.

Ron and Tim Williams, marketing manager at CSI, gave us a tour of their facility. They showed us the level of detail and care that goes into the color identification and data management process. They explained the conditions necessary to identify a piece of fabrics exact color. This includes an enclosed room that stays at a constant temperature and humidity to ensure accurate results when testing color.

This is one piece of fabric under different shades types of lights customers could encounter in a day.

Tim showed us how the type of light can drastically change the way a single piece of fabric appears.  His simple demonstration, shown in the image above, easily displays the complexity of color.

Get to Know CSI

CSI has created over 50,000 different colors for their retailers. With current technology, it can take shoppers hours to sift through the internet to search for a color that is even close to their inquiry.  That is why Vishion focuses on partnering with industry experts like CSI; we will help shoppers easily find the product they need in the color they want.

Ron has his eyes set on the future. He and his team are taking innovative strides to continually enhance their product offering and provide premier color solutions. The alignment of Ron’s aspirations for CSI and our strategic goals for Vishion only strengthens the future of our partnership.

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We will be sharing periodic updates about our work and partnership with CSI. Today we are the only application that allows you to shop by color. We are in a race against ourselves to provide the most accurate methods to find apparel and decor in a specific color. Let me tell you, we never intend to give up the lead.

Get to know us

We founded Vishion to make the online shopping experience meet our expectations, providing a way to search for products by color across retailers and find matching items to complete your outfit or room. We are using our blog, Vishionary, to better understand retailers and consumers needs in the Charlotte market. Our goal is to create a product that recognizes our users’ unique preferences.

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-Sam, Founder and CEO of Vishion


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