Wedding in Blush

We partnered with Color Solutions International to highlight trending colors designers are using to guide the next fashion trends. This week’s Color of the Week is Blush, a light pink color as airy and free as the summer. Professionals use CW0300459 to identify and communicate this color selection to their partners.

I used the Vishion application to find wedding apparel in this shade, as well as the different looks that can be created from this dynamic color.

Vishion Fashion Finds

Everyone is always looking for the perfect colors for their wedding. Well here it is: blush. It’s light enough for the spring, pastel enough for the fall, pale enough for the winter, and has just the right amount of color as to not be overpowering in the summer. And it looks good on just about everyone.

The Vishion Application produced pages and pages of products in this color so I chose my favorite ones and compiled them for you. You can’t go wrong with this trending color.

If The Shoe Fits…

Shoes are just as important as the dress on a bride’s big day. Those detail pictures will look so much better when you don’t have to worry about how cute your shoes are. Having your shoes as blush is an easy way to incorporate your wedding colors into your outfit, especially since this shade of pink looks so good with white! I’ve included options for all types of brides. Whether you like pumps or flats, something simple or something with a little oomph, there is a blush shoes out there for you!

Always the Bridesmaid

Blush is a shade of pink that compliments so many skin tones so it would be the perfect choice for a bridesmaids dress. This shade is beautiful, while it’s light hue ensures that the bridesmaids won’t be the center of attention.


Everyone in the wedding party wants to look their best, even the kids! These dresses are perfect for the little girls in your wedding that want to look as pretty as the adults. I mean who doesn’t love a cute little girl in blushing pink?

Blushing Boys

And we can’t forget about the boys. Whether you want to go all out and have the guys wear a blush jacket and slacks or just a blush tie or button up, they will look amazing.

Blush Favorites

Of course I want my shoes to be perfect, but brides are on their feet for over 50% of the wedding and there’s no way even Wonder Woman could wear 5 inch heels for the long. So I chose blush pumps for the ceremony and pictures and these cute blush sandals for afterwards.

I love bridesmaids dresses that can be used at other events as well. Why spend hundreds of your hard earned cash to buy a dress you can only wear one time? All of my favorites are pretty affordable and can definitely be worn at other events! I have simple tastes for the guys, so I think a blush bow tie and matching blush suspenders under a black or navy blue suit is just the right amount of color.


Let us know your favorite blush wedding picks!

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