Decor in Fierce Red

The color of the week begs to be the focal point of any room. For this reason, I used the color of the week to create a unified color theme throughout the shared rooms of the home. If you have an open concept house, where the living room seeps into the kitchen, and you love this fierce red, this post is for you.

I used the Vishion application to find decor in this shade, creating a unified look that can pull multiple rooms together.


Vishion in Vinyl

Crosley Record Player

The Vishion Prototype found a vinyl record player in the color of the week, which took me down the rabbit hole. You’ll see records (that fit all tastes) that can line your wall with pops of this shade of red.

Depending on the rest on your accent colors, you vinyl records can be framed over the media console. One media storage console featured below has the color of the week, the others have black, gold and silver accents that will match the corresponding frames.

Red in the Kitchen

Pops of red in a kitchen always reminds me of an old school diner. The color of the week is extremely popular when it comes to appliances. These appliances will look great in a bright, white room with light gray undertones.

You don’t need large appliances to incorporate this color into your kitchen. There are multiple ways you can lace the fierce red into your decor. Whether it’s chairs for your island or plates, you can make a more subtle pop in your house without breaking the bank.


Complete the look


A couch usually sets the tone for the color scheme in a room. It’s a large and unavoidable statement piece, which is why we are using this Mid Century Modern Couch as the center piece for the Vishion application to Complete the Look.

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We are working with Color Solutions International to highlight trending colors designers are using to guide the next fashion trends. Vishion’s color of the week could be described as Fierce Red, but professionals¬†use CW0301240 to identify and communicate this color selection to their partners.

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