Wedding in Dark Forest Green

We partnered with Color Solutions International to highlight trending colors designers are using to guide the next fashion trends. This week’s Color of the Week is a dark Forest Green reminiscent of climbing green vines in nature. Professionals use CW0902925 to identify and communicate this color selection to their partners.


Even though summer just started, the fall wedding season is coming up quickly which means it’s time to start looking for dresses, tuxes, accessories and everything in between. Dark Forest Green is the perfect color to compliment your fall wedding. I used the Vishion application to find the perfect wedding looks in this nature-inspired color.

Women’s Wedding Fashion

There is a wide range of dresses that look great in this shade of green. I chose a few of my favorites that represent multiple styles and price ranges.  No matter if you’re going for a more formal look or care-free, there is a dress for your wedding!

Men’s Wedding Fashion

When you think of weddings, you probably automatically think of bridal dresses. But fear not! I found some amazing men’s picks for your groom, groomsmen, ring bearer- you name it! Girls aren’t the only ones that can have fun with color at weddings.

Favorite Wedding Looks

I chose this dress as my top pick for few reasons. First, at $260 it’s pretty affordable.  Second, this is a dress style that will fit most body types with no problems. Absolutely anyone will look fabulous in this dress. I think this men’s jacket is one of my favorite fashion pieces of all time. I love that it has a bit of sheen and the black lapels ensure that the jacket isn’t overpowered by the green.

Let us know which look you would use for your big day in the comments below!


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